My Writings

Hi there!

On this page you will find links to all the writing projects I am currently involved in.

If you read the About Me page, you know that I came to writing late in life and fell in love with it. Like art, it lets me be creative and communicate in beautiful and unique ways. I’m constantly trying to better both of my artistic outlets by practicing writing in as many different ways as possible as well as painting as much as I can and playing with graphic arts. I see them all as different outlets for my non-stop and unquenchable curiosity and drive to create.

I am a member of many online writing communities, including fan fiction communities.  If you just shuddered, let me assure you, the fan fiction I deal with is clean and fun. The people I work with are in it for the lively camaraderie and view their writing as a hobby to be proud of, not a prelude to profit.

Below are some of the helpful sites I’ve used, links to short online stories, and, yes, links to my fan fiction.


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