Choices, choices…

I tried to teach a creative writing class about the publishing industry and what should have taken 45 minutes took three days. I asked the kids to do a quick Google search on “How to Get Published,” and guess what happened? Google led us all down the rocky road of traditional publishing vs. e-publishing vs. self-publishing. One simple internet search led to three days of confused and often heated discussion.

I can’t imagine what happens in board rooms and chat rooms. I don’t think I want to know.

My problem is that I have this pesky manuscript that is ready to be published (or so it tells me), and I have to enter the fray and make a choice. If you think the idea of sending out query letters is scary, go waltzing through all the new options for publishing. It’s enough to make me stuff the manuscript in a drawer and walk away.

So, what will I do?

As an unpublished author, the self-publishing side of the industry looks pretty amazing, until you see what exactly it entails, and how many authors already have failed to make money at it. It’s an industry in its infancy, and I’ve raised too many infants to trust it quite yet.

So, I’m going ahead with plan A. I will query agents and continue polishing my shiny not-so-new manuscript (I’ve let it age a little in that drawer I mentioned earlier). I’ll keep you posted, whoever you might be, and document my journey from unpublished to querying to whatever lies beyond.

For now, I need to go outline my newest novel and kill that blasted plot bunny.

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4 Responses to Choices, choices…

  1. abbyweyr says:

    Best wishes. With the way you write, I look forward to reading about your publishing journey. A local friend is trying to get her children’s book published. A supportive co-worker was talking about me publishing poems and whatever….not likely to happen. I’ll bookmark this and add to list on my blog.

  2. aw/par says:

    Do you include small press in traditional publishing? or self publishing? aw/par

    • I absolutely include small presses in the realm of traditional publishing. They offer a wonderful alternative to the behemoth publishing complains. It’s self publishing and e-publishing that I see as the true alternative to traditional publishing. They are good options, but take a tremendous amount of work and time that I simply don’t have right now.

  3. Yvonne Parks says:


    I’m a HUGE fan of your fanfiction writing. You are simply the best author I’ve ever come across in that arena! I’m thrilled to hear that you are publishing your own work. I’ll be the first to buy it.

    I run a company that does book cover design. If you ever need a book cover for your new book….even to add some “pop” when shopping it to publishers…..please let me know!!

    You can see my work here:

    Ps….I’ve been waiting for a new chapter of Rogue…and am so thrilled to hear that updates will be coming more frequently now!!! I look forward to it so much!


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